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Cashmere and Camel Hair Manufacturers Institute



Cashmere and Camel Hair Manufacturers Institute

Mislabeling - The Key Concern

  • CCMI came into existence to combat the influx of garments being sold in the USA claiming to be genuine cashmere, but in reality, were not.

  • The problem of mislabeled cashmere has and continues to tarnish the reputation of the product itself, as well as the companies who make and sell the garments.

  • Demand for cashmere continues to grow world-wide. As a result, demand for raw material continues to rise and so does the price.

  • The increased competition and demand for fiber has resulted in increased product contamination. Sheep wool is being blended with dehaired cashmere and the fibers are being sold as 100% cashmere. These stocks are being sold to Chinese sweater mills as well to Western buyers. As a result, more mislabeled garments are expected to be found in retail stores.

  • Cashmere is a rare and expensive luxury fiber and there is a great incentive for unscrupulous manufacturers and vendors to cheat on the amount of the fibers in a garment.

For U.S. Federal Trade Commission pamphlet on labeling cashmere products click here.

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