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Cashmere and Camel Hair Manufacturers Institute



Cashmere and Camel Hair Manufacturers Institute

Retailer Information

Welcome to the CCMI website focus for retailers. CCMI has created a retailer's checklist and a fiber content testing service.

CCMI also offers programs on the cashmere and camel hair industry and retailer issues for buyers and merchandisers--for more information please contact CCMI.

Cashmere and Camel Hair


Since 1984, CCMI has made important contributions to support the integrity of camel hair and cashmere products and to promote the benefits of these fine luxury products to the public. Recent achievements include:

  • Introduction of a free fiber content testing service for CCMI members, manufacturers and retailers to help them determine if products are accurately labeled. Promoted to industry through trade media and other textile industry associations.
  • Provides guidance to testing laboratories world-wide for identification and evaluation of camel hair and cashmere fiber, fabric and products.
  • Won final judgment against several major retailers and a garment manufacturer for mislabeling of camel hair and cashmere garments in 1986.
  • Conducted annual media relations campaign to build awareness for cashmere and camel hair products and the mislabeling issue. CCMI secured favorable coverage with the trade press as well as major television and radio stations, newspapers and magazines.
  • Established a close working relationship with the U. S. Customers Service and Federal Trade Commission to monitor the labeling of imported and domestic cashmere and camel hair products.
  • Formed relationships with supplier organizations around the world in order to improve the quality of cashmere and camel hair fiber and its availability.

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