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The Cashmere and Camel Hair Manufacturers Institute (CCMI) is an international industry organization representing the interests of producers and manufacturers of camel hair, cashmere and superfine wool fiber, yarn, fabric and garments throughout the world.

Background and History
Formed in 1984 as the Cashmere and Camel Hair Manufacturers Institute of America representing camel hair and cashmere fiber, the Institute changed its name in 1990 to better reflect the international character of its membership and activities.

In 2006 CCMI formed the Superfine Wool Council to add superfine wools to its mission of promoting the accurate labeling of noble fiber products and to engage in education of the public about, and private enforcement of, national and international standards governing the labeling of such fine wool, cashmere and camel hair fiber, yarn, fabrics and garments. CCMI is proud of its objective to maintain the integrity of cashmere, camel hair and superfine wool products throughout the world.

Government and Industry Relations
CCMI provides a forum for industry leaders world-wide to meet and discuss important issues and to identify workable solutions for the common good of the industry. CCMI represents the interests of members at both national and international levels and works with appropriate government bodies and other non-government organizations whose activities affect the industry. CCMI is active in the International Wool Textile Organization (IWTO), the International Standards Organization (ISO) and in working with and through governments world-wide to fulfill its mission.

Consumer Protection and Product Testing
CCMI monitors the international marketplace for cashmere and Super S mislabeled garments. When a product is found to be mislabeled the Institute informs the retailer and, if necessary, takes legal action to protect its interest.

CCMI supports testing laboratories worldwide on the improvement of their animal fiber testing ability by conducting an annual Round Trial and by providing laboratories with animal fiber sample collections and other materials.

CCMI also supports research institutes in the development of new animal fiber identification technologies applying leading-edge science, such as Protein Analysis and DNA Analysis. The Institute organizes symposiums and encourages interaction among the various laboratories.
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