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Once you’ve purchased a cashmere or superfine wool garment, how best to care for it?
Keep the garment clean; a dirty garment will attract moths. Woven garments should be dry-cleaned.

How should I store my knitted cashmere or superfine wool garments?
Knitted or loose woven garments should be neatly folded on a shelf, not a hanger. It should be clean and in some sort of sealable garment bag with protection against moths. If they wrinkle, you are better off steaming than pressing to remove the wrinkles.

What's the best way to clean my cashmere or superfine wool garment?
Hand wash knits with cold water, using a detergent suitable for wool/cashmere and silk. Never wring or twist. Gently press excess water out with towels. Dry on a flat service on a fresh, dry towel until thoroughly air-dried. Woven garments should be dry-cleaned.

Does skipping cleanings prolong the life of cashmere or superfine wool garments?
No, because a dirty garment is most attractive to moths and once a moth creates a hole, it’s trouble.

How can you keep cashmere looking new? How to avoid getting it fuzzy or developing pills?
By keeping it clean. Avoid fuzzing and pilling by buying quality garments.

Is there a safe way to remove pills on my cashmere sweater?
They actually do sell pill combs to comb the pills and fuzz, however high quality garments are normally less prone to pilling
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